Extras Sheet - Sleepy Moon Blue Wall Sticker

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This is an additional sheet to purchase with your Sleepy Moon Wall Sticker.

'Extras Sheet' for Sleepy Moon Blue Wall Sticker.

'Extras Sheet' has been created to accompany Sleepy Moon Blue Wall Sticker. It is perfect for adding a little extra magic to rooms with high ceilings or a longer wall. The wall stickers can also be placed on an adjacent wall to tie the room decor together.


1 X Cloud 39cm x 28cm
1 X Cloud 28cm x 23cm
1 X Cloud 19cm x 12cm
4 X Smiley Stars
26 X Stars in various colours and sizes
36 X White Dots / Star Dust

• removable 
• movable over & over, 100's of times
• sticks to almost any surface
• instant WOW for decorating your home
• beautiful fabric-like finish
• PVC-free
• Australian made and carbon neutral


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