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A world of magic and wonder awaits

Schmooks’ nursery and bedroom wall art is designed to enchant and delight.

Step inside our world of beautiful keepsakes that stir the imagination and reignite the wonder of childhood through magical lands and exciting adventures.

Read the Schmooks fairytale

And so, when the enchanted painting was placed upon the castle wall, the room began to sway. The little girl snuggled deep in her bed, eyes wide with wonder, and as the room danced, laughter rang like bells in the air, lulling her into a storybook world of childhood whimsy.

Removable Wall Stickers

Create the most special of spaces, where little imaginations are nurtured and sweet dreams are created.

Kids Wall Art

 Our limited-edition artworks have been lovingly created to celebrate the magic of childhood. With a click of a button and a sprinkle of fairy dust, you’ll be on your way to creating the most magical of bedrooms.

“You made one little girl gasp with excitement when she saw her ‘big girl room’ we absolutely love the print and the quality is fantastic! We definitely will be using your services again.”